About Us

The Princeton Public Health Review (PPHR) is a student-run publication designed to showcase the outstanding global health research performed by Princeton University undergraduates and to provide a forum for any health-related discussions.

PPHR was founded in 2010 by Global Health and Health Policy Certificate student Irfan Nizarali Kherani ’11, who envisioned a means to share outstanding student research with a wider audience, both within and beyond the University. Last year, we expanded the Editorial Board, streamlined the paper selection and editing processes, and sought contributions from students across the University.

During our 3rd annual board, we published in print for the first time. With the launch of our 4th board, we continued to maintain health-related discussions throughout the year by updating our website on a regular basis with contributions from our staff. Last year, we not only published updates on the meningitis outbreak on our webspace, but we co-sponsored a presentation by the developer of the vaccine. We hope to continue to plan events for the student body this year.

What we do

We’re Princeton’s only journal and forum for all health-related discussions and research on-campus. With the fourth edition of our publication, we plan to take a more serious role in not only publishing student research, but actively engaging our readers in health issues that effect many of us (i.e., repercussions of the bacterial meningitis outbreak, natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, international affairs such as Ebola in west Africa, etc.)

What we publish

With our current edition, we’ll devote part of our journal to submitted student research chosen by our selection team, but the rest of our content will be written in-house. When something like a bacterial meningitis outbreak happens on-campus, PPHR will be there to not only break down the health consequences for the student body, but also to analyze whether the University and the State is doing their job to curb the outbreak. Our new goal is to editorialize on relevant local, national, and international events. This upcoming semester, our content is going to focus on taking a stand on a variety of public health issues.

Princeton's premier global health journal