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We encourage academic works of all forms and from all disciplines. We are soliciting papers, research articles, opinion pieces, creative works, academic term papers, junior independent work, and senior theses related to health and/or health policy. We want to emphasize that these pieces can be written from scientific, social scientific, or humanities oriented perspectives, and mulitidisciplinary work is encouraged. Please answer the following questions about your personal information and your submission. If you've written anything health-related for a class, no matter the format or topic, we encourage you to submit your work. We will be able to find space for high-quality submissions of any type in either the print or online editions of our journal. As a result of requests, we have extended our deadline and are still currently accepting submissions for our 2014 issue. Please upload your work to our webspace by MONDAY, MARCH 31 @ 11:59 PM! Alternatively, submissions can also be received via email at
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